Sunday, July 1, 2012

My build started today !

My lumber yard delivered my lumber on Friday. The T1-11 is leaning against the house. The PT wood for my platform is on the top. Then I'll have to move about 50 2x4 to get at the plywood for the sub-floor! I spent some time gathering my tools from around the house. It has been some time since I used some of them.

I put down a tarp under the frame so I won't have vegetation growing under the shed. The white stone is holding down the tarp. I'll rake it to the edges later, so the tarp won't be visible.

I cut the rim joists and squared up the frame by making sure the diagonal length between opposite corners is the same. The rusty square in the front corner belonged to my grandfather; it is over 50 years old. I'm taking my time making sure everything is square and level; it will save time later. I had a rain break mid-afternoon when a string of thunder storms rolled through. The temperature which was 92 degrees, dropped 20 degrees when the front came through. I had just enough time to get my wood covered with a tarp.

My plan is to finish the platform tomorrow and start framing my first wall. I'll use the covered platform as my work surface. I also have to run by Lowe's to pick up 2 windows so I can frame for the rough openings.

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