Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 6 - Back wall finished

Built my third wall today. First I dragged one of the side walls forward to make room on the deck to work.

I followed the SS plans fairly closely on this wall, using 24 inch spacing for the studs. I had to cut more 45 degree bevels today but luckily the longest one was only 6 inches long. I'm starting to get the hang of cutting bevels. I'm using my old Skill saw and noticed that some of my angles are 3 or 4 degrees off. I re-cut some of them. I have another circular saw, which I may try tomorrow. This was my setup for cutting today. If I was actually building a tiny house to live in and do finish work, I would get a more accurate miter saw.

When I started assembling the 6 inch end rafters, I used a 2x4 as a straight edge up the center of the wall to make sure my peak was centered.

This is a closeup of the corner and the 6 inch end rafter. It extends outside the end wall and supports the roof panels.

Here is the finished rear wall. I dragged it to the back of the platform so I have room to build my last wall. Hint: when lifting the end walls, don't lift from the rafter end; lift from the top plate above the wall studs. The top piece is a little wobbly; it is meant to take compressive loads. Once the siding is on and it is joined to the roof panels, it should stiffen up.

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