Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 7 - My shed goes 3D !

I framed the bottom part of my final wall today. This wall will contain an exterior steel door. Because my SS is only 11 feet tall, instead of 12 feet, I had to modify the framing to fit the rough opening for the door. Not difficult but time consuming. I ran out of deck space, so I didn't add the end rafters. I'll finish that wall tomorrow.

It was finally time to raise the walls. I raised the rear wall first and had my wife hold it steady while I nailed it down and added a brace to the corner. The second wall went up easily and everything was square.

I dragged the 3rd wall onto the platform from the grass. The hardest part was juggling the walls around the free space on the deck.

Third wall up, aligned and nailed down.

It is amazing: it took a week to build the platform and walls, and it took 30 minutes to raise the walls and go 3D !

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