Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 2 of my build

I worked cutting and installing my floor joists today. Note the diagonal braces of scrap wood in each corner to keep my platform square. While I was nailing, I heard jets overhead. I looked up and saw 5 fighter jets flying in tight formation. It was an incredible sight to behold. They were flying low (maybe 3000 feet) and slow. Unfortunately my camera was inside the house. I found out later that they were the Navy Blue Angels and were on their way to do a flyover in Boston. This week there are big festivities in Boston because it is the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. I am about 20 miles south west of Boston.

I had a rain delay this afternoon and I was short two PT 2x6's, so I drove over to HD to get the wood. I picked a hot week to build my SS; it was 95 F yesterday and 85 F today, with afternoon thunderstorms each day.

Once the floor joists were in it was time for the plywood floor. Unfortunately the plywood was at the bottom of my wood pile, so I had to move all the 2x4's to get to the plywood.

This is the closest I get to Crop Circles: Grass Rectangles from my wood pile !

This is where I ended today. The deck is almost finished. I just have to cut and nail down a 2 foot wide piece of plywood on one end and it will be done. I'll use the remaining piece of plywood in the storage loft. I plan to start framing my first wall tomorrow.

I went to Lowe's tonight looking for windows. I found a vinyl single hung (bottom sash opens only) for $92. It is approximately 24 x 38 and has a screen. It is not fancy looking but it was cheap and it will more than do the job for a shed. I bought 2 of them. I'll post pictures later, once I take them out of the packaging.

As I build my shed, I am trying to see how much of it I can do by myself. I know I'll need help lifting the walls, although using a kingpost with rope and a block and tackle, I could raise them myself if necessary (more dangerous). It will get interesting when I get to the roof panels! This information may be useful for others who need to build a SS by themselves.

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