Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wall siding

Last Monday I put up the 2 remaining pieces of roof sheathing. They were supposed to be about 25 inches wide, but I had made a mistake when I cut the other roof sheathing and I didn't have enough plywood. When I cut the 22 inch wide pieces, I cut them both from one piece of plywood. I should have cut the 22 inch pieces from 2 separate pieces of plywood, so I would have the wider remnants to cut the 25 inch pieces. So I fudged a bit and used two 24 inch wide pieces instead. I covered one side with tar paper and threw a tarp over the other side, because it was supposed to rain this past week.

My aikido buddy, Todd, came over with his nail gun this morning. We put up the T1-11 siding on 3 sides, within a couple of hours. This would have taken me at least 2 days of work, if I was doing it by myself. Thanks Todd!

Here is a view of the inside of the shed. The frame for the window can be seen on the right. I need to do some housekeeping: sweeping up sawdust and picking up scraps of wood.

My door was delivered this week. I was anxious to measure the door and make sure my rough opening was large enough; I confirmed today that it is. I stored my door inside the shed, to keep it out of the weather. I also planned to move the remaining T1-11 siding inside the shed, because it is leaning against my house. It started raining late this afternoon, so I'll have to move it tomorrow.

My wife has been very supportive of this project; she has held the walls up when I was nailing them in place and helped in other ways as needed. Now that the sheathing is on, she is getting excited. She is talking about putting a wreath on the door, curtains in the windows and flower boxes under the windows! When we are done, the exterior of my shed will look like a tiny house!

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