Saturday, July 21, 2012

Topping Off the frame

I started off today tightening up the frame. The SS plans call for 6" timber lock screws but I found in most places they were too long; the threads would be exposed on the opposite side. I used some oversized nuts and washers to snug up the screws. I don't know if the timber lock screws come in 5" lengths; if so I believe that length would work better.

I put a level up on the roof peak and was surprised that it came out fairly level. Another pair of hands would have helped to make it perfect.

Time for the Topping Out ceremony. I cut a small pine and nailed it to the peak. The bough is placed as a symbol of thanksgiving and respect. Some say it gives thanks to the forest for providing timber for a new home. Some say it gives thanks for a safe raising. A few simply say it's "good luck." It was a chance to stand back and look at what I have accomplished so far.

Next I started cutting the plywood for the roof sheathing. The two pieces I put up today were 7' 3" long and 4' wide. I drove temporary nails into one of the purlins and pushed the plywood up the ladder and over the side. This worked well. I think I will be able to do a lot of the roofing from my ladder. This will be good because I'm not crazy about heights!

The SS plans call for two roof panels of different widths. The wider panel overlaps the shorter one. The problem I found is that the plywood for the shorter panel only extends to the side of the panel, so there is this 3.5" gap at the peak. If the plywood was wider, it would overlap the edge of the longer panel and there would not be this gap. This would require moving the purlins since we only have 48" of plywood to work with. (I hope this make sense!) I didn't think of this when I was building the roof panels. I may add a short strip of plywood at the peak so it is all level.

Tomorrow I hope to finish sheathing the roof and put down the tar paper.

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