Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tightening up the eaves

I did some tightening up of the frame today. When the timber lock screws are driven in, they tend to separate the eave purlin from the top plate. There is a tiny space which can be seen in this picture.

I backed out the timber lock screws and used my big clamp to draw the eave and top plate together. Then I re-tightened the screws and also drove in a couple of 16P nails on an angle. Now there is no space between them.

I laid out the 3rd roof panel, cut the 2x4s and nailed it together. When laying out the panels, I needed to pay attention to where the plywood sheets for the roof end. In the picture below, one plywood sheet runs width wise from the peak to a purlin. I want the center of the pulin to be exactly 48" from the peak, so I can nail into the purlin. The SS plans are a little confusing to me in this area.

3rd roof panel is finished and ready to go. I nailed a short 2x4 to the top to use as a guide (and extra hand) when raising this panel. I also added another stop block to hold the panel flush with the top plate.

I had to make a run to get another dozen 2x4s, 9 of which I will need for the last roof panel. I must have counted wrong on my original order! I also need some additional 2x4s for a temporary loft above the front door, so I have a place to stand when I raise the rest of the roof.

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