Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 3 - Tackling the first wall

I started the morning by cutting a 2 foot length of plywood to finish my floor.

Next it was time to do some thinking and lay out the first wall. This will have a window at approximately the middle. The SS plans call for studs 24" on center. I am going 16" on center because I am building on the cheap and using a 3/8 T1-11 siding. If I went with 1/2 ply siding, I'd go with the 24" stud spacing. I'm laying out the studs so I can use 3.5 sheets of T1-11 on each side and the seams fall on a stud. The window ends up wherever it ends up! I'll cut the cripple studs tomorrow.

Laying out the bottom plate. It is easier for me to plan when I can physically lay out the pieces.

Transferring measurements to the top plate. I hope to cut the 45 degree bevel on the top plate tomorrow.

The SS plans call for a 7' 5" high wall. My walls will only be 6' 5" because I don't need the extra loft height. This picture shows the difference between the 77" versus 89" cut.

Here are the top of studs cut at 45 degrees, ready for the top plate.

The opposite wall will be identical to this one, so it should go quicker now that the planning is done.
Warning, extreme closeup! This what you look like when you have been working in the sun for 3 days and forgot to use sunscreen:


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