Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nailers for siding

Before I can put siding on the top of the end walls, I need to add some studs to nail the siding to. I added 2 short vertical studs up the center line where the edges of the siding will meet.

The end rafters are 2x6 so they extend beyond the wall studs and cannot be used to nail the siding to. I had to add 2x4 nailers to the end rafters on both sides so I can nail the siding to them. The nailers are flush with the exterior of the wall studs. These details are not shown on the plans. I have to do something similar on the opposite end with the door.

We had some heavy rains late yesterday. The bottom of my siding got wet and started to warp. I clamped some scrap 2x4's against the siding to coax the siding back in place. I need to get some primer on this siding ASAP. If I was building this shed again, I would use some Smart Siding instead of the T1-11 to prevent warping.

I moved the rest of my siding inside the shed today. It was leaning up against the side of my house and I didn't want it to damage my vinyl siding. The tarp is over the end because the top of the end wall is still open to the weather.

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