Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roof sheathing

Not a lot to report today. I spent the day cutting plywood and nailing it on the roof. The four smaller pieces are about 22" wide, so I had to cut the plywood lengthwise. I also cut some long pieces about 3" wide to fill in the gaps at the peak. The wind picked up a bit this afternoon, so I had to carefully raise the panels up my ladder between gusts. I have about 3/4 of the roof covered with plywood. I'll probably cover the finished side with builder's paper tomorrow after work, just in case we get thunderstorms. I drove some extra timber lock screws down through the top plates and into every other stud. I figure the extra steel can't hurt. I also bought some primer this weekend. The T1-11 side panels will go up next and I want to prime them as soon as they go up. Hopefully the wall siding will add more rigidity to my shed. I can feel some slight motion now when I am up on the roof.


  1. Hi Dave,

    We love your blog! We've shared it on our Twitter feeds and Facebook pages, as well as our blog.

    Thanks for blogging about our plans and please keep us in the loop!

    Tiffany Chang, web design and marketing
    Stephen Marshall, owner and designer
    Little House on the Trailer

  2. Thanks for your nice comments and sharing my blog. This has been a fun project for me. Hopefully my blogging about my Sonoma Shanty will be helpful to other builders too.