Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting close to starting my build

I am planning to start construction of my SS shed the week of 1 July, when I am on vacation.
I ordered my lumber yesterday from Medway Lumber. They will deliver it next Friday. The lumberyard recommended using 3/4 ply for the floor instead of 5/8, since I won't be putting a finish floor on top of it. When putting together my material list I discovered that the Sonoma Shanty plans call for 12 rafters, but the way I read the plans they require 16 rafters. I'll confirm that later during my build.

I am just about finished leveling out the concrete blocks for my shed's foundation. I need to buy a few more concrete pavers to level out the last 2 concrete blocks. I plan to run a 2x6 down the middle blocks to add support to the floor joists.

I need to edit some of the measurements on my plans, since my SS will 1 foot shorter in height and only 14 feet long. I have printed them out and plan to write the new measurements on the drawings. This should minimize me making mistakes with measurements during my build.
I also need to plan the framing for the endwall which will have the door because this will be not to plans due to the shorter height of my SS.

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