Monday, June 4, 2012

Shed approved

I received the approval letter today from my Home Owner's Association. Yay! The HOA has to approve all fences and sheds in my neighborhood. They had no problem with my proposed T1-11 siding as long as I paint it white to match the house. I was worried they would make me use vinyl siding to match what is on my house. This would have added to my cost and I am trying to build this shed at minimal cost.

While I was waiting for the approval, I started creating a Bill of Material for my shed. I started with the list contained in the SS plans, but then I created my own list because of the differences with my build. I still need to tweak it a bit, but here is my draft BOM.

I need to call a local lumber company and see if they will deliver my materials. If they do, it will be much easier. Otherwise I would have to rent a truck from HD on an hourly basis to get my materials.

Next step will be to lay out the area where my shed will live. I'll pick up the concrete blocks, some landscape fabric and some gravel. I'll put the blocks down first on bare soil, level and square them up. Then I'll put down some landscape fabric and cover it with gravel to prevent plant growth underneath.

I've been reading up on Timberlock Connectors which are used to join the SS roof panels together and to connect the roof to the top plates. They are really neat. These 6 inch long screws have the strength of a 3/8 lag bolt and can be screwed into framing members without a pilot hole. They are available nationally, but I found out the manufacturer is less than an hour from me.

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