Saturday, June 9, 2012

My old small house

I'm new to the tiny house movement, but I have a lot of experience with small houses. My wife and I lived in a 16' x 24' farm house for 20 years. It was 2 stories, so we had a total living area of 768 sq ft. We had a living room, kitchen and 3/4 bath on the 1st floor and 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor. The house was built in 1810.

Kitchen: - our kitchen was small. The only other counter space was a 3 foot section to the right of the stove. We had a 2' x 3' table across from the stove, which we used both for preparing meals and sitting down to eat. There was a broken dishwasher behind the pink curtain when we bought the house; we removed it and built shelves underneath the counter for more storage. The little pink microwave was a perfect fit!

Bedroom: The 2nd floor had curved ceilings which were really neat. The house only had 1 closet, so I built 2 additional closets, 1 on each side of the window.

The wide pine floors were beautiful.

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