Thursday, October 18, 2018

October 2018 Progress

Progress this year has included finishing the plumbing, building the bathroom, finishing insulating under the roof and adding more windows.

I finished the supply and drain piping to the kitchen sink and bathroom toilet. This was also my first time using PEX pipe. I did well so far - no leaks! That is my super-insulated cooler under the sink. A proper kitchen counter and cabinets will hopefully be installed next year.

I am using a 12 volt RV pump in the basement for my potable water supply. The hoses to the pump are temporary; I'll secure them better one of these days!

The pump works fine and I finally have running water!

I cut a hole and installed the awning window in the bathroom. Now there is light!

I covered the inside of the bathroom walls with sheet rock. The walls are movable at this stage. I can move them out of the way to give me room to work when I finally hook up the shower.

I even hung a bathroom door.

I installed the first of two windows in the lofts. Now I have some light up there and can see what I am doing!

This is the view looking west from the kitchen end of the cabin. I have moved the rolls of insulation up into the lofts since I took this picture.

This view is looking east toward the kitchen, bath and wood stove. I picked up a couch at Ikea which converts into a bed.

This is the current view of the outside of the cabin, with my daughter in front.

I hope to get most of the walls insulated before the snow flies!