Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Rear soffit done

I took vacation last week and headed up to the cabin. The weather was great with daytime temps in the 70's and night temps in the 50's. The best thing is there were no bugs!

One major goal was to get the rear soffit installed. First I built a framework of 2x4s to nail the soffits to. I cut screening and stapled it to the underside of one half of the soffit. Then I nailed both halves of the soffit I place. Two of the soffits were 12 feet long and the remaining one was an 8 footer. Once the boards were secure, I reached from inside of the soffit to staple the other side of the screen in place. It came out nice.

I figured out where I wanted my 120 VAC electrical outlet boxes and started running some 14 gauge wire through the walls until I ran out of wire. The kitchen and bathroom will get 12 gauge. All the wires will run to a future breaker box on the west basement wall. I still have to run my 12 VDC wire. I picked up a second 250 watt solar panel which I had ordered at HD.

I stapled up pink Styrofoam spacers between rafters, in preparation to adding insulation batts.

The color of the foliage improved in the week I was there. I like the light from the full moon reflecting off the metal roof.