Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 2017 Progress

I took a few days vacation last week and drove up to the cabin. It was nice to get away and enjoy the peace and quiet surrounded by woods!

I worked plumbing the soil stack. The hardest part was routing the pipe in a U shape to hook up to the pipe headed out to the septic tank. I kept measuring, cutting pipe, dry fitting everything and marking the correct angles until it was all hooked up. The last piece I installed was the long sweep 90 fitting. I had to cement both ends and then attach it to both connecting pipes before everything hardened.

I traced the outline of my new kitchen sink on the plywood counter and cut out the opening. My jigsaw battery gave out halfway through so I used my handsaw the rest of the way. The double sink fits nicely. I had purchased a plumbing kit to hook up a double sink. I tried it out, but didn't like how it fit. I'll return it and hook up the drains the standard way. I still need to determine the height of the drain pipe above the floor.

I also hooked up my solar panel and charge controller for the first time. It was just a test run, but everything seemed to work well. The charge controller was putting out 14.5 volts to my battery. While my marine battery was charging, I also hooked up my Ryobi battery car charger and charged my power tool batteries. I rested the solar panel against the cabin at night so any deer walking around at night would not step on it. Eventually I will build a stand for the solar panel. I took measurements of the battery and charge controller, so I can build a battery box on the east side of the cabin. I will size the box for 3 batteries, vent it and put 2 inch rigid insulation on the inside of the box.

Each day around 6 pm, I would go down to the lake and cool off from the day's work. I even did some blueberry picking on Friday!