Sunday, October 23, 2016

We have light!

I ordered a couple of 12 volt LED bulbs which fit a standard Edison base, from Backwoods Solar. I installed one last weekend and hooked it up to a marine battery. Primitive but it is nice to have light at night. I will definitely get more of these for the lofts and the cellar.

I was able to nail up a good amount of the siding on the end of the cabin. I have been using Cabot stain on it before I nail it up.

It rained one afternoon, so I started to insulate the roof. First I stapled up some screening where the sheathing meets the ridge board, to make sure I don't get any bees making nests inside.

I bought some Styrofoam spacers to make sure I have air flow above the insulation at the eves and then installed a few fiberglass batts.