Thursday, September 22, 2016

More windows installed and first fire in wood stove

The 2 casement windows arrived for the kitchen area recently and I installed them. The front window was easy to install but the window on the side is located directly over the bulkhead door to the basement, so that took more time. I had to build some staging from lumber on site, to stand on while working. After that was built the window installation was easy. I could even place the window on the staging from the inside of the house; I didn't need to push it up a ladder!

I finished staining the rest of the siding for the front of the house and was able to get about 2/3 of it nailed up. I like the natural wood look.

I also made my first fire in the new wood stove. The stove has to be broken in slowly by lighting several small fires first, before making a roaring fire. The stove has good draft and was easy to light.

Here is a view of the interior looking toward the east side of the house. The kitchen will be in the left corner and the bathroom in the right corner.

This is a view toward the west side of the house from the kitchen area. The windows lighten up the inside a lot.