Friday, May 27, 2016

Water tank

I bought an IBC tote recently for water storage at the cabin. The tote had been used to deliver sunflower seed oil, so the first task was to clean the tank.

Getting the tank into the basement by myself was an interesting task. The tank is only 90 pounds empty but due to the size, it is awkward to move. I used some 2 bys to get the tank out of the truck.

My hand truck was used to move the tank into position and more 2 bys to hold the tank while I tied it off to my rope and pulleys.

Once in position, I removed the boards and lowered the tank down with the rope. The tank will live against the rear cellar wall.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Metal roof on

My roofer installed the green metal roof and chimney pipe last Friday.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring 2016 !

I made my first trip of the year up to the cabin in mid March. Mud season was in full force. I was excited that my basement was bone dry; the perimeter drains and landscaping that my excavator did last year, worked like a champ!  My driveway was also usable with the crushed stone, letting it drain properly.

My first task was to get the sub-fascia and finished fascia boards installed, so my roofer can install the metal roof. This took longer than expected as usual, working by myself. I also got one of the final triangular pieces of sheathing installed on the east gable end.

I picked up my wood stove at the store, in my new to me pick up truck and lifted all 250 pounds of stove into the cabin with the help of ropes and pulleys.

I set down 1/2 inch cement board on the floor and covered it with concrete pavers to form the hearth under the stove. Then I put the stove in it's final location with the rope and pulleys.

I assembled the black stovepipe and ran it up to the roof, so my roofer knows were to make the hole in the roof. I also brought up the sections of Class A chimney pipe on one of my trips.

I also installed my first window on the front side of the cabin.