Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meeting the septic designer in the snow

I drove up to my lot the last Saturday in April to meet with the septic designer and excavator. There was still snow on parts of the lot. My neighbor had told me there is a lot of runoff in the spring. He was correct; it was very muddy. This may be a good thing because eventually I would like to collect subsurface water into a cistern, instead of drilling a well. The septic designer had put together the design over 10 years ago for the previous owner, who had not gone any further with his build. We found the 2 maple trees that he had marked 10 years ago. That will make his job easier when updating the design for my tiny house.

There was still up to 2 feet of snow on the ground in the shady areas. We plan to meet again in about a month when things dry out. Then we we mark where the house will go and the designer can update his plans.

This is my Jeep as far as it would go up the driveway in 4WD before the mud stopped it

This view is looking east at one of the maple trees previously marked by the septic engineer. The leeching field will be to the left of this tree.

This is the view looking west from the above maple tree. My tiny house will be in this area.

I have changed the dimensions of the house again to 14' x 32'. This is an updated sketch of my current thoughts. I added additional windows on the south side. The combined living room and dining room in my current house is approximately this size, so it makes it easier to visualize the space.