Monday, October 14, 2013

Minim House

If you have read my last few posts, you know I am thinking of building my NH tiny house with a 10' width, since I will be building it on concrete piers instead of on a trailer. The 10' width gives a more specious feel to the house and I should still be able to handle all the lumber and building by myself. I recently came across the Minim House which is slightly wider at 11'. The picture below gives an idea of the increased space. Although the many windows open up the space, I won't be installing as many, due to my cold climate.

The Minim House looks to have a roof pitch of 3/12. I plan to go with a bit steeper pitch of 9/12 for more headroom, but still safer to work on than what seems to be the standard 12/12 roof pitch for tiny houses. The Minim House does not have lofts due to the shallow roof pitch. I am thinking of building 10' high walls in my tiny house. With a loft at 7' high, this would give me about 6' of height at the peak of the loft. The picture below shows the Minim House roof pitch and the rainwater collection system. I also have rainwater collection on my list of requirements.

With a 10' width, I will need to rethink where I put the bathroom. I was originally planning to put it across the back end of the house. A 10' long bathroom would waste valuable space in a tiny house. I am now thinking of putting the bathroom across from the galley kitchen, something like this: