Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Closing up for winter

I spent 3 days before Christmas, finishing the east gable end and taping the exterior seams. The goal was to get the house as weather tight as possible before the snow comes. This may be my last trip up until the spring.

Here is the interior of the east gable end. There will eventually be a window in the middle.

Here is the exterior view. I still need to cut a triangular piece at the peak, but that will probably wait until spring

I taped the joints on two sides and all 4 corners.

I added some sheathing on top of the rear wall to keep the snow out.

Here is an interior view looking toward the kitchen on the left and bathroom on the right.

Here is a view in the other direction of the living area.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sheathing walls

I drove up last weekend to put up more sheathing.

My excavator had brought in rock to form the base of my driveway. This will form a solid base so I can have access in mud season. Next year, after everything has settled, he will put down a layer of "ledge pack" as a finished surface.

He placed the black geotech fabric underneath the rocks, to hold them in place and keep them from working their way into the soil.

I finished putting the sheathing on the front. The 2 boards temporarily hold the plywood in place, while I nail them in.

I started framing one of the gable ends. I'm doing a test fit here; the clamp is temporarily holding the plywood in place. There will be a window in the center of the gable end.

Here is the view from the outside. The 2x4 provides a ledge to rest the plywood on to move it into position. Those sections of plywood are heavy when moving them by yourself !

Next time I hope to finish this gable end and do the other end.