Sunday, August 26, 2012

We have a door !

I finally got my door installed today. This has been the most time consuming part of my build so far. Luckily I cut my T1-11 siding precisely enough that the door fit on my first fit check. I removed the door and put an entire tube of caulk down on the floor under the door. I was able to lift the door into place by myself. If my SS had been on a trailer, I would have needed help or some saw horses to get it up and into place. I braced the door with a 2x4 to make sure it didn't fall out of the opening, while I shimmed and checked that it was plumb on the inside.

After the door was secure, I removed the shipping hardware and tested for smooth operation. Once I was satisfied that the door was useable, I fitted the last piece of T1-11 siding to the right of the door.

I installed the door knob and latching hardware. Now that I can lock the door, I can leave my tools inside. No more lugging my tools from the garage out to the shed.

My SS shed now has it's first furniture: a folding chair!

I moved my windows into the shed from the garage. My plan is to now finish putting a coat of primer on the outside of the shed and installing vertical trim boards at the corners. Then I should be ready to install the windows. I need some light and ventilation in here!


  1. Keep up the good work. A door is important part!


  2. Nice one! I’m not surprised that it took you quite a long time. Taking accurate door measurements and actually fitting it into the frame can be a great pain sometimes. Just a reminder: when choosing a door, always consider aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency. ;)

    Sandra ^.^