Sunday, August 5, 2012

Installing siding on ends

I had a dry day yesterday, so I painted 2 sides of my shed with primer. Hopefully that will reduce the chance of the T1-11 warping any more. The rectangle on the side without paint will be cut out for one of my windows.

I wanted to finish enclosing the top portion of the rear of the shed. I cut a sheet of T1-11 in half to get two 4 foot squares. Then I cut each square diagonally to get 4 triangular pieces. I used 2 on the rear of the shed and I'll use the other 2 on the front above the door. First I put a bead of caulk on the top edge of the T1-11. Then I placed a piece of flashing over the lower panel.

I had test fitted the triangular siding previously, so I placed them in position and nailed them in place.

Siding on rear of shed completed. Now I can leave tools at the rear of the shed and not worry about them getting wet. With the rear end enclosed, I notice the reduced ventilation; the shed is noticeably warmer. I'll have to cut out the window openings soon.

I was able to put up one piece of siding to the left of the door opening before a storm rolled through. I plan to work on the top portion of this end next. I need to temporarily put up the panels and mark them for the door cutout. Then I can nail them in place. The side panel to the right of the door will have to remain off so that I can get in and out while I am installing the door.

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