Sunday, August 12, 2012

Odds and ends

Not a log of progress to show. I only got one day to work on the shed this weekend.

I added 2x4's for nailing the T1-11 to the top of the door end of the shed. With the back end of the shed enclosed, there is no cross ventilation; it was really hot in the loft, banging in those nails! Next I have to fit the triangular pieces of siding and then trim them to fit the rough door opening. I also have to fit the Z flashing so it covers the bottom sheathing but doesn't interfere with the door casing.

Since I will be installing the door soon, I decided to remove the bottom plate under the door opening. Luckily I remembered to precut the plate before I installed the wall.

I had built a small platform above the door when I installed the roof. This platform has to be removed now so it doesn't interfere with the door opening, so I removed it today.

We had some heavy rain last week. The interior of the shed stayed dry except for the back corner where the tar paper blew off the roof. I installed some furring strips to keep the tar paper in place.

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