Monday, September 3, 2012

We've got windows !

I did a lot of caulking this weekend, especially along the edges of the upper T1-11 ends, where they meet the roof. This is less for water intrusion and more to keep bugs out. I also installed my 2 windows. I drilled through the 4 corners and then drew lines for the window outline. This was the first time I did a plunge cut with the skillsaw. It went ok, but it is definitely not my favorite thing to do with the saw, especially when standing on a ladder! For the second window I used my router to make the cutout; I liked using the router for this much better. This is a picture of one of the window openings:

I then taped the edges with this rubberized sealing tape.

The windows fit perfectly and were easy to plumb. The hardest part was nailing them in and trying not to hit the window with my hammer!

Time to start installing trim. I brought my table saw out to my SS for cutting the window and corner trim.

Trim installed on window. Need to add some caulk to hide my mistakes!

Both windows and door in this view.

I finally received the bill from my lumber yard - $1320. About what I was expecting. I need to add another $300 to this for my windows, concrete blocks and primer. I looked at the shed prices yesterday at HD. Their cost for a 8 x 12 shed is $2600. So it looks like I will be saving about $1000, and my shed is 2 feet longer. (These numbers do not include MA sales tax)

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