Sunday, September 23, 2012

Roof is now watertight

I finished shingling the roof this weekend, except for the top cap of shingles at the peak - I ran out of shingles. It rained last night and it was perfectly dry inside the shed. No more having to wrestle with tarps to cover the roof. If I had to do the roof over again, I would build some staging on the side so I don't have to climb up and down ladders so much. When the ladders were close enough, I would climb half way down and then step over to the next ladder and climb back up. Not the safest way but kind of fun!

For the top rows of shingles, I put the spreader bar on my big ladder and set it up at a 45 degree angle. I attached a line to the bottom rung so the ladder didn't kick out at the bottom. This made me feel much more secure working at the peak.

At one point I had to climb up through my Dawn Redwood tree to get on the roof!

Another view of my tiny house in my forest of 4 redwood trees. (I planted them 6 years ago as 18 inch bare root saplings and they are already about 12 feet tall!)

I'll look for some white, 3 tab shingles at HD this week. I plan to cut them in thirds and use them for the cap shingles at the peak. Then it is on to the corner trim boards.


  1. Good idea on the staging! I think this would help you do more roof work in the future. Anyway, you’ve done quite a nice job in installing shingles on your tiny house. In fact, it looks like it is done by a pro! You definitely know a thing or two about shingles. The placement of each piece looks precise and accurate. Job well done! [Neil Hirsh]

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Neil.
      Actually this was the first time I applied asphalt shingles. I followed the directions and tried to keep them even. It came out pretty nice.
      My shed survived 60 mph winds and driving rain from hurricane Sandy, staying perfectly dry inside and not losing any shingles. So far so good!

  2. You did the shingling yourself?! That task must be really te, especially if you worked on it alone. Anyway, the shingles still look good. Good job! Your hard work really paid off!

    -Chantay Smithingell

  3. You still found a way to enjoy your roofing activity! Playing with the ladders sounds exciting, but I think it’s also dangerous. I know it’s not easy to work alone, but you did very well! Cheers!

    -Linda Wise