Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Front door and back windows in.

Making progress; starting to look like something other than a big green box! A few weeks ago my front door was installed and I put in the lock sets. Now I can lock the door and leave some of my stuff inside!

This past weekend, a friend came up with me and we were able to install the rear, south facing windows. I have more light inside and some cross ventilation for warm days. Now that these windows are in, I was able to sleep inside the cabin for the first time, instead of sleeping in the cellar!

I had previously stained some of the pine siding so we were also able to get the siding started on the front of the cabin.

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  1. Love the pine siding Dave! Are you sourcing that from your property or are you needing to purchase most of your materials? Always looking for ideas on how we can make things from renewable resources! Cheers! Jesse & Alyssa (purelivingforlife)