Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sheathing walls

I drove up last weekend to put up more sheathing.

My excavator had brought in rock to form the base of my driveway. This will form a solid base so I can have access in mud season. Next year, after everything has settled, he will put down a layer of "ledge pack" as a finished surface.

He placed the black geotech fabric underneath the rocks, to hold them in place and keep them from working their way into the soil.

I finished putting the sheathing on the front. The 2 boards temporarily hold the plywood in place, while I nail them in.

I started framing one of the gable ends. I'm doing a test fit here; the clamp is temporarily holding the plywood in place. There will be a window in the center of the gable end.

Here is the view from the outside. The 2x4 provides a ledge to rest the plywood on to move it into position. Those sections of plywood are heavy when moving them by yourself !

Next time I hope to finish this gable end and do the other end.

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