Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Outside primed and broken window

Last Saturday, I nailed up the rest of the corner trim and finished priming the outside of my shed. It is starting to look more like a tiny house instead of a weathered shack!

When I went inside my shed Saturday morning, I was greeted with a cracked window. The crack was on the inside pane of glass; the outside pane was intact. The sash moves freely so it wasn't any settling that caused the crack. We had our first frost the night before, but the temperature inside the shed should not have gotten that low. I was bummed out. I'll have to contact Lowes about their warranty on windows. The sash is removable which is a good thing; I don't want to have to rip out the whole window.

With the trim on, I'm done with my table saw so I moved it back into the garage to free up space in the shed. Here is an interior view from the front door.

...and from the back wall.

For the next few weekends, whenever the weather is good, I will be painting the exterior with the finish coat of paint. After that I want to reposition my big loft into two smaller ones, one over the back wall and one across the middle of the shed, for easier access to the space. With the high roof, there is a lot of storage space up there!


  1. The shack is looking good! At first glance, it does look like a tiny house but I think once you’re done, it would look like a weathered shack a lot more. Anyway, what happened to the window? Well, a good thing about it is that the sash is removable so you can avoid redoing the whole thing. What type of glass did you use for the replacement? I think it would be good to get some double-glazed glass to help with insulation most especially for the winter cold.

    @Kristopher Diss

    1. Yes, it needs a few more windows to look like a real tiny house. But that would mean more windows for me to break!

      I may have tapped the window with the metal handle of my lawnmower. That is the only thing I can think of. I didn't see / hear any crack at the time, but I may have caused a tiny crack which grew when the temperature dropped. The window is double-glazed insulated glass. Only the inner pane cracked. I haven't replaced it yet.

  2. I hope that the warranty was able to cover the damage. The shack is looking good. Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks vintage to me. I love it! Did you purposely make it that way? What does it look like now? I would love to see some updated photos. Take care!

    Chet Johnston