Sunday, October 21, 2012

Exterior painting and ideas for pre-fab tiny house

Sorry, no pictures this week. I spent today applying the finish coat of exterior paint. I now have finished painting half of the exterior. I was delayed by a day, due to the heavy rains we had on Friday night. The good news is that the inside of my shed was bone dry after the rains. It looks like I did a good job on the roof!

I also bought a water tight exterior box to get power into my shed. The box will house a male plug; the wire will run through the wall to an outlet inside. I can then run an extension cord to the outside of my shed without having to leave the door ajar and let in the cold or rain. 

I've been thinking of what it would take and how to go about building a prefab Sonoma Shanty. The idea would be to build the walls and roof in sections at home in my garage and then move them to the job site in a U-Haul truck. The walls and roof panels could be built on the floor inside a sheltered area, squared and exterior sheathing applied. A few inches of sheathing would extend beyond the edge, on one side of the panel to overlap the next panel. Windows would also be installed in the walls as they are being sheathed on the garage floor. I would have to figure out how wide and tall to make the walls, and still have them fit inside a rental truck, as well as being light enough for 2 men to carry. Having built the roof panels already for my SS shed, I know they are light enough in weight. The plan would be to install the footings, foundation beams and build the platform on site ahead of time. The platform would be insulated and covered with a tarp until the walls arrive. Then the rental truck would carry the walls and roof panels to the site. 2 men should be able to assemble the walls and roof panels over a 3 day weekend. Timber lock screws and battery powered drills would make quick work of assembling the walls and roof. The  building would be wrapped in tar paper until the roofing and exterior siding could be applied. The walls and roof could be insulated and the interior finish applied as time permits on site.This structure could be used as a tiny house itself or as a storage shed for a tiny house or during the construction of a larger cabin.

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