Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Working building walls

I spent 5 days last week working on the cabin. I ended up getting 4 sections of wall built and stood up.

My new knee pads came in handy when marking the position of wall studs !

Most of my 10 foot wall studs are 10' 1", so I have had to trim them to the correct length.

I bought a new 8 foot fiberglass step ladder last week. It is nice and solid. I didn't feel secure putting nails in the top plates with my old rickety 6 foot wooden ladder.

This is the view of the driveway and parking area, from the future kitchen window.

I got the east wall up on Saturday. This area will be for the kitchen and bathroom.

When I finished on Saturday, I had one more 8 foot section of wall to build on the back side of the house.

I also planted some grass seed over the septic tank and leeching field. I want to try and keep the soil in place when the wet weather comes.

Playing around with my camera, I took a panorama from my well cover in the back yard.

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