Sunday, August 16, 2015

Capping the foundation

I headed up to the site last Monday and pitched my tent in the basement.

My lumber was delivered Monday morning. I bolted down the sill plates and measured and marked on the sills where each joist should be set. Next I put on the rim joists. Setting the floor joists was straightforward but time consuming. I had to walk from one side of the foundation to the other to put the joists in place and then walk back and forth to align them. Working alone slows things down.

The tricky part was framing the opening for the trap door to the cellar. I made jigs to hold various beams in place, while I nailed in the joist hangers. I'm glad I only needed to use a few hangers.

It rained Monday night and most of Tuesday. After the rain, I slid the well cover back to check the water level. It had gone up from 6" to about a foot with all the rain. This bodes well because there had been no rain for several weeks and there was still 6" of water in the well. I believe the water is flowing out of the well at the same rate that it flows in.

I have a new pet: Mr Daddy Long Legs. He kept following me around all week.

Here is a view of the basement with most of the plywood floor put down.

Here is the official picture of the decking in place.

I hope to head back in a few weeks and start the walls.

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