Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Floor plan for tiny house disguised as a shed

In many rural places, sheds up to 200 sq ft do not require building permits. This is my current thinking of a floor plan for a 10' x 20' tiny house disguised as a shed or small barn.

All windows would have lockable shutters. The window behind the couch would be covered by 2 barn doors on the outside. A wooden ramp would placed below the barn doors to suggest that a trailer, lawn tractor or boat could be driven up and stored inside. No waste piping would protrude from underneath the tiny house, indicating that it is not being used to live in.

1 comment:

  1. A tiny house disguised as a shed? What a cool idea! Your neighbors might think that it is just a shed because of its size. Looking at the floor plan, I can see that you made good use of every space, despite how small it is. I’m quite amazed with how you were able to fit a shower, closet, kitchen and bed in there. Very well planned! ->Blair Construction L.L.C