Monday, May 7, 2012

So why am I interested in a Sonoma Shanty?

Eventually I would like to get some land off the beaten path in New Hampshire or Vermont and build a small cottage. A Sonoma Shanty would fit the bill nicely. If I can get away with treating it as a shed, I would build it in place. If I have to deal with zoning laws, I can build it on a trailer and tow it to my land.

In the mean time, I need to build a backyard shed to store my outdoor stuff: lawnmower, snow blower, rakes, hoses, garden supplies, etc. I plan to build a Sonoma Shanty for this shed. This will give me some building experience close to home, so I learn what things work and don't work. I can then transfer this experience in the future to my Sonoma Shanty up north. For my shed, I plan on reducing the wall height by 1 foot, so my shed doesn't look too tall.

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